Crazy for gold

In the last year or so I have truly fallen for all things golden. I use to not like it. It was always silver for me. But lately I have used a lot of gold and I love it! It is not only in my crafts but also in our home, in my wardrobe and my jewelry. A girl's gotta have some bling, right?!

And what could be more golden than a whole lot of gold gilding?!
I have played with gilding before too on a layout, but this time I decided to try something little more difficult. And it sure was a tricky projects and the end result isn't what I initially had in mind.. But hey, one can't always hit homer runs, right?

The photo is my daughter in the end of her first school year (in Finland we start school at the age of 7), beginning of her first ever long summer holidays. So for sure she is carefree ;)

For the love of ampersands

Is having a favorite symbol a thing? If so, I choose the ampersand! It is such a pretty symbol and so very versatile. In everyday writing I use it quite a lot instead of the actual word "and". And in crafts I love using it, especially in wedding cards.

I have used it many times in my scrapbook layouts too, but never before has it been the focal point of the layout. But when I got this paper in one of the Hip Kit Club's monthly kits I finally got the chance!

New York, New York

Start spreading the news, my new mini album is here!

I have recently fallen in love with the making of mini albums. I have used them in both storing photos and memories and also with happy mail. This time I was truly inspired by Paige Evans' folding mini album and couldn't resist making one!

This star shaped album is filled with gorgeous photos of a city that I really love and together with the Pick me up -collections goodies it is a treat for sure.