New techniques

I am always eager to try out new things. When it comes to crafting at least. I did jump out of an airplane once. So that was a big new. But these crafty experiments are far less scary so I think I'll stuck to them.

I have so many stamps and inks as I did start my heavy crafting with card making and I use to use them a lot. Lately they have been used less and it makes me a little sad, having all of them just sit in my drawers. But luckily I have friend who is still very much into card making and she is very creative and talented in using new techniques. And she makes me try them too. She is a true inspiration to me!

So this is what I got made!

I heat embossed the flowers, a stamp from Mama Elephant, with white and then used the ink blending tools to get the ombre style. And oh how fun it was! I love it!

And look! It's 'onnea' again! Remember already what it means?!

Sea Sun Fun

I am so happy that with this crafting hobby I am able to go back to memories, print out a photo and take myself to that place as I scrapbook it.

This time I am taken back to our awesome vacation in California in June 2015. We spent few days in Venice, our apartment was just a block from the beach. Nothing better than that! (Maybe Disneyland...)

For a Graduate

When you graduate from high school it certainly is a bright moment. A shining moment. A diamond moment? At least diamonds fit perfectly into this card I made for a graduate.

The diamonds are stamped with the awesome Krumspring Stamps stamp set. I love love love it! And making a pattern with the smaller diamonds is just plain perfect!

I added a little extra shine on one of the diamonds with a yellow marker, to bring in the colors that are traditionally attached to the Finnish graduation celebrations. The graduation hat is a black and white hat with gold embellishment so traditionally these colors are used.