My greatest adventure

Apart from the fact that having children and living with them is by far my greatest adventure, having a Traveler's Notebook is for sure one adventure and very rewarding!

Then and now

Since I started scrapbooking I seem to always make layouts of my kids. I know, that is the reason why I even started scrapbooking but for variety's sake it would be fun to see other people in the photos too.

So I took the bull by it's horns and here is a layout of me and a special someone in my life. Marjo is the dearest and nearest friend of mine, for nearly 20 years already! So she of all people is well worth of a layout!

Precious - a course project

I went to a scrapbooking course hosted by Nanna Paperi ja Helmi here in Finland where the amazingly talented Terhi Koskinen taught a scrapbooking lesson. I enjoyed it a lot!
The finished piece isn't my usual style but that is one of the main reasons why I liked this course. It is super fun to get out of my comfort zone and create something different.