Happy Mail Book

Now that I have two pen pals I have the opportunity to make these lovely happy mails but it also comes with a little bit of stress... I want to make a unique piece each time and coming up with new things isn't always easy.

But luckily there is the never ending inspiration of Instagram and Pinterest.
This book style happy mail however was my own idea, yay me! :)


Here we go again, time for another Finnish lesson! So 'Moi!' means 'Hi!' Proper way to say it as if it was spelled moy. Just like soy! :)

Moi is a great way to start a happy mail, this time to my other pen pal. And when you add flowers to it is a perfect way to start!

Mini album mail

I am drooling over all the amazing mini albums people are making. I really want to make them too, I just need to decide on the subject / photos.

Meanwhile I decided to use a mini album template to make a happy mail! And it fits that perfectly too!

You make me so happy

More family photo shoot loveliness!
And a new technique too. Double love!
I just bought golden gilding flakes from Nuvo, the lover of all things shiny that I am. For this layout I decided to go all in with the gold by first "painting" with glue and the adhering the gilding flakes.
Oh how it shines!

Lettering love

I made a New Year's resolution back in 2016 to learn lettering and modern calligraphy. With that came the Zig Clean Color Brushes that I in the beginning only used for lettering. Since then I have learned many more uses to them. And making a watercolor background is probably my favorite of those uses.

Together with simple black lettering it forms a stunning piece. It doesn't need anything else!

Love these!

And hey, another Finnish lesson! 'Paljon onnea' is translated word to word Lots of congratulations. Hard to find a good english equivalent, but you get the idea, right?!

Happy Mail Time - video!

My best tech supporter is my husband, he is the most patient with me as I try to learn how to edit photos, videos and all that comes with it. AND he is my go to videographer when I am too lazy to set up the proper equipment.

So thanks to him, here is the video of the Happy Mail I sent out.

Happy Mail Time

I spent a good amount of time eyeing not he amazing happy mail projects by people on both Instagram and Pinterest. Then I finally decided to go for it! I posted on a planner group a search for pen pals and I was so nervous no one would answer. But so many did! Actually too many for my needs, so many other people got pen pals from the post too. Yay!

I ended up with two pen pals and now the first letters have been sent out to both. This one is for Johanna, who was the first person to respond to my post and I am so happy to have her as my pen pal!

The reason I wanted to get pen pals and make happy mail is that I simply want to spread the joy! I love making things and holding the pretty projects in my hand. And it makes me even happier to first admire it myself and then being able to send it to someone else to enjoy it. Happy mail for sure!

This mail is a flip book, 4x6 inches, made with the Maggie Holmes Shine collection. It has little pockets for a letter and also for some goodies for Johanna.
And lot's of pretty goodies from the Shine collection.

Oh baby

Making baby cards is for sure one of my favorite things. I like going all in with the cuteness. Nothing can be too cheesy for the celebration of the new little one in the world.

In addition to cards I like making gifts for the baby too. I think it is a nice memorabilia and also something unique in the sea of presents the family gets.

This summer a friend of mine had a little girl and after years of giving either crochet hat or a crochet bird rattle I decided to make something new.

So I made a rattler / teether toy. With a little crochet twist, of course. I love how it turned out. Hopefully it's also useful and brings joy to the baby too.

The card is made with patterned papers from the collection made for baby cards; Crate Paper Little You.

Happy Day Together

We recently had a little family photoshoot. My brother took photos of us in a pretty park. And boy was it fun! And the end results even better! We should make this a tradition...

And a super bonus of this? Lots of awesome pictures to scrapbook!

A challenge for a card maker

Could you make a card for me to give to a teen boy?

It gets me every time. Gives me anxiety. I think I am a good card maker when it comes to making girly, flowery, pink, cute and pretty cards. But to make a card for a boy? It is always a challenge for me.

But so far I have managed all of these challenges given. This time I made a card to my cousin's son for his confirmation, an occasion worthy of a winner's ribbon I'm sure.

The cut file is from Silhouette Design store and sentiment by yours truly.  Papers are plain cardstock.
And some ink splashes to make it a little edgier! I have to admit I love this look. And will for sure use this again when someone asks for a card for a boy.

New techniques

I am always eager to try out new things. When it comes to crafting at least. I did jump out of an airplane once. So that was a big new. But these crafty experiments are far less scary so I think I'll stuck to them.

I have so many stamps and inks as I did start my heavy crafting with card making and I use to use them a lot. Lately they have been used less and it makes me a little sad, having all of them just sit in my drawers. But luckily I have friend who is still very much into card making and she is very creative and talented in using new techniques. And she makes me try them too. She is a true inspiration to me!

So this is what I got made!

I heat embossed the flowers, a stamp from Mama Elephant, with white and then used the ink blending tools to get the ombre style. And oh how fun it was! I love it!

And look! It's 'onnea' again! Remember already what it means?!

Sea Sun Fun

I am so happy that with this crafting hobby I am able to go back to memories, print out a photo and take myself to that place as I scrapbook it.

This time I am taken back to our awesome vacation in California in June 2015. We spent few days in Venice, our apartment was just a block from the beach. Nothing better than that! (Maybe Disneyland...)

For a Graduate

When you graduate from high school it certainly is a bright moment. A shining moment. A diamond moment? At least diamonds fit perfectly into this card I made for a graduate.

The diamonds are stamped with the awesome Krumspring Stamps stamp set. I love love love it! And making a pattern with the smaller diamonds is just plain perfect!

I added a little extra shine on one of the diamonds with a yellow marker, to bring in the colors that are traditionally attached to the Finnish graduation celebrations. The graduation hat is a black and white hat with gold embellishment so traditionally these colors are used.

Onnea - a lesson in Finnish

Here I am again, teaching you some Finnish! With most of my cards you will see 'onnea' written in them. It means 'congratulations' and is my most used phrase for birthday cards. I also like using it since I make cards for sale, so people can use the cards with this general sentiment for any special occasion.

This time 'onnea' goes to my dear friend who recently celebrated her birthday. The collection 'Just be you', from Echo Park paper has my friend written all over it. If she was a paper collection this would be her! So naturally I used it to make her birthday card. Personally I love the colors too and the flowers make me so happy!

Inside the pretty sea foam colored wrapping paper is even more crafty goodness: a Webster Pages Traveler's Notebook and notebooks for it. I hope she liked it as much as I like mine. Or even half. Because I sure love mine. A lot.

International Scrapbooking Day - Fun times

The online crop at Hip Kit Club's Facebook Member forum made me really inspired! I took part in many challenges and with this one I even won! It was a challenge by Terhi Koskinen with a challenge to use all three elements:
1. Watercolors
2. Butterflies
3. Triangles

International Scrapbooking Day - My loves

I took part in the online crop over at Hip Kit Club Facebook group with this layout.

I used a HipKit exclusive cut file to cut the flowers, some of them from patterned paper from Dear Lizzy Lovely day, some from plain paper and then I used watercolors to paint them.

My greatest adventure

Apart from the fact that having children and living with them is by far my greatest adventure, having a Traveler's Notebook is for sure one adventure and very rewarding!

Then and now

Since I started scrapbooking I seem to always make layouts of my kids. I know, that is the reason why I even started scrapbooking but for variety's sake it would be fun to see other people in the photos too.

So I took the bull by it's horns and here is a layout of me and a special someone in my life. Marjo is the dearest and nearest friend of mine, for nearly 20 years already! So she of all people is well worth of a layout!

Precious - a course project

I went to a scrapbooking course hosted by Nanna Paperi ja Helmi here in Finland where the amazingly talented Terhi Koskinen taught a scrapbooking lesson. I enjoyed it a lot!
The finished piece isn't my usual style but that is one of the main reasons why I liked this course. It is super fun to get out of my comfort zone and create something different.

Mini album, maximum love

Sinä päivänä kun Luoja teki sinut
hän ei muuta tehnytkään.

Heräs aikaisin, otti kynän käteen,
rupes siinä piirtämään.

Se kuva oli kaunis, oi ihme suorastaan;
muodon jumalaisen sait.
Kuvan viereen Hän merkkas, ettei suhun
päde kuolevaisten lait.

Päivä kului, mut hetkenkään lepoo
piirtäjä ei kaivannut.
Aivan niin kuin olis hurmoksessa ollut
mestari valmisti sut.

Niille jotka yhä epäilevät Luojaa
sanon vastaukseksi vaan,
että jos ne edes kerran näkis sinut,
kaikki rupeis uskomaan.


My little big girl has my heart. Crate Paper has a piece of my heart. Together they make it skip a beat. This album was inspired by a Finnish song which lyrics are above. Freely translated they describe how the creation of a child is a master piece of art, something that is so divine and unique. Just as my darling daughter Pihla.

Tyttärelläni on pala sydämestäni. Niin on Crate Paperillakin. Yhdessä ne saa sydämen sykähtelemään ilosta. Tämän albumin inspiraationa oli Mestaripiirros-kappale. Ihana jumalainen olentohan tuo meidän Pihla on.

In each spread there is a picture of Pihla on her birthday accompanied by the amazing embellishments in the Chasing Dreams collection. I will let the pictures do the talk.

Jokaisella aukeamalla on kuva Pihlasta tämän syntymäpäivänä yhdessä ihanien Chasing Dreams-kokoelman koristeiden kanssa. Kuvat puhukoon puolestaan.

Together is my favorite

This layout brought out the best sides of this scrapbooking hobby! First of all I LOVE fussy cutting, it is both calming and therapeutic and also such a pretty way to construct a page. This paper by 1canoe2 from the Like For Ever Kit club's (RIP)  January kit was made for fussy cutting for sure!

Tämä skräppisivu toi tullessaan monta iloa ja syytä miksi skräppään. Ensinnäkin rakastan kuvioiden leikkaamista, se itsessään on rentouttavaa ja terapeuttista ja sivun rakentaminen leikatun kuvion ympärille on kivaa. Tämä 1canoe2:n paperi edesmenneen (:( ) Like For Ever kittiklubin tammikuun paketista oli ehdottomasti luotu leikkausta varten!

And the next best thing was that after I chose the paper I had to find a photo to match the colors. So I spent quite a while looking through photos which is always fun. I love that scrapbooking keeps taking me back to my photos and I may find an older photo that just has to be put on a layout. It's always awesome to go back down the memory lane, right?!

Toinen mahtava juttu tätä tehdessä oli se, kun paperin valittuani päätin etsiä kuvan, joka värimaailmaltaan sopii paperiin. Siinä vierähtikin sitten useampi hetki kuvia katsellen ja miten mahtavaa se olikaan! On ihan parasta, että skräppäysharrastus vie mut aina uudestaan valokuvien pariin ja sieltä saattaa löytyä ihania vanhoja kuvia, jotka on vaan ihan pakko saada skräpätä. Muistoihin uppoutuminen on aina mahtavaa, eikös vaan?!

Embellish your heart out!

Who doesn't love embellishments?! I know I can get enough of them. And for that reason I have been a monthly subscriber to Freckled Fawn Oh deer me-kit for over two years now. Because one thing that is better than embellishments is embellishments delivered right at your door! :)

Kuka ei rakastaisi koristeita? Mä en ainakaan voi saada tarpeekseni niistä. Ja siitä syystä olen ollut nyt yli kahden vuoden ajan tilaajana Freckled Fawnin Oh deer me kuukausikitille. Koska yksi asia joka on mahtavampaa kuin koristeet on suoraan kotiovelle tuodut koristeet! :)

And for the love of embellishments I have decided to apply for a place in FF design team. Not that much would change though if I became a team member, since I already use the products in basically all of my projects. As a team member I could only spread the love even more and further!

Rakkaudesta koristeisiin päätin nyt hakea paikkaa FF:n suunnittelutiimissä. Paljoakaan ei tämä paikka toki muuttaisi, sillä niin paljon käytän jo nyt FF:n tuotteita töissäni. Mutta tiimin jäsenenä saisin jakaa rakkauttani vielä enemmän ja laajemmin!

Traveler's Notebook

As any crafter knows learning and especially getting new things is amazingly awesome. So recently I got to experience both as I purchased my very first Traveler's Notebook. This beauty from Color Crush makes my heart sing!

Niinkuin kaikki askartelijat tietää, uusien asioiden oppiminen ja erityisesti ostaminen on supermahtavaa. Jokin aika sitten sainkin kokea molemmat, kun ostin ensimmäisen Traveler's Notebookini. Tämä Color Crushin ihanuus saa mut niin iloiseksi!

My loves

For the love of these two I would do anything. This super team of two amazing kids is my world. They make me the happiest, they make me the craziest, they bring me joy, they bring me tears. They bring me life. And do believe this, that without them I wouldn't craft. They are the reason, and mainly to subjects too, for my scrapbooking. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the faces of them on my pages.

Rakkaudesta näihin kahteen tekisin mitä vaan. Tämä kahden mahtavan lapsen supertiimi on maailmani. He saavat minut onnellisimmaksi, hulluimmaksi, tuovat iloa, tuovat kyyneleitä. He tuovat elämän. Ja usko pois, ilman näitä kahta en askartelisi. He ovat syy ja useimmiten aiheenikin skräppäyksessä.

The other first day :)

So since I both photographed and scrapbooked my daughter's first day of pre-school I naturally had to and of course also wanted to do both on my son's first day of daycare. For both him and us parents this was a really stressful situation, after 3 years of being at home a switch to daycare wasn't the easiest nor happiest. But necessary it was for sure and eventually we all survived this big change :) (In Finland our daycare system is top notch, most of the kids go there, most around their first birthday and they stay there for years until school. AND it's really inexpensive, about 250-300€ per month.)

Koska sekä valokuvasin , että skräppäsin tyttäreni ensimmäisen eskaripäivän oli mun tietenkin tehtävä sama poikani ensimmäisestä päiväkotipäivästä. Ja tietenkin halusinkin! Pojalle ja meille vanhemmille tämä muutos oli kyllä todella stressaava eikä niin iloinenkaan kolmen kotivuoden jälkeen.  Mutta tarpeellinen ehdottomasti, oli jo aikakin siirtyä tähän vaiheeseen elämää. Ja lopulta kaikki selvittiin siitäkin myllerryksestä :)

That first day

Last fall was a time of big changes at our house. Not only did we renovate and move into our dream house, but I also went back to work after 3 years as a stay-at-home mum and the kids went to daycare. And for out firstborn this was a big step since she started pre-school (in Finland it's pre-school a year before the school starts, at 6 years old.)

Viime syksy oli isojen muutosten aikaa meidän perheessä. Paitsi että saatiin uusi koti, jota remontoitiin ahkerasti, oli myös aika työhönpaluulle kolmen kotiäitivuoden jälkeen ja lapset menivät päiväkotiin. Ja esikoiselle tämä oli vielä isompi askel, koska eskari alkoi!

Pitihän tuo päivä tietenkin dokumentoida ja myös skräpätä. Meidän ihana pieni iso tyttö.

<3 p=""> So of course I had to document and then make a scrapbook layout out of it. Our darling little big girl.
<3 p="">